For the BRAVE! It’s something i wouldn’t casually try lol. Patterns are beautiful! The wrong mix however can be awkward. REALLY AWKWARD!

So here are my five rules for mixing patterns:

1. Mix From The Same Colour Family

Using different colours can be visually stimulating to the eye. Be sure to mix with the same shade of both patterns.


2. Mix A Maximum Of 3 Patterns

Don’t overdo it. Patterns are catchy whether they are well-mixed or not. A maximum of 3 is perfect. You definitely don’t want to  make heads turn in awe negatively.


3. Look For Patterns That Complement Each Other

The last thing you want to do is look like you got dressed in the dark. One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to choose patterns that complement each other. Stripes and floral always mesh well, same as leopard and stripes or polka dots.


4. Don’t Go Too Matchy-Matchy

Mixing patterns is supposed to be fun. Although it can look cool, don’t go out head-to-toe in one pattern. That’s too matchy-matchy and can make you look more like an animation character. Although, if you want to push the envelope, switch up the colors of the matching patterns like Rihanna did. It’s a new twist on pattern mixing that keeps the overly matchy-matchy concept fresh.


5. Space Out Your Patterns

There is no need to wear a patterned skirt with a patterned jacket, or top. Sometimes mixing a top or skirt with patterned shoes can give your outfit the right amount of “wow” you’re looking for. Or try a patterned scarf with a solid top and patterned bottoms.


These 5  tips should assist you when you want to rock that PATTERN MIX! So be BOLD! Go for it!! Mix & Slay!

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